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Interview with misaj3, the first winner of the prize pot at uploadandwin.com.

misaj3 was the first winner of our prize pot. To be honest that isn`t really surprising as she was the only person to upload photos during our first week other than myself. (I can`t really win my own prize pot, it might seem a bit wrong). She also happens to be a family member on my wife`s side.....

Where are you from?

misaj3: Cebu, Philippines

Are you in employment, studying or anything else?


Do you hope to work in a particular field?

Yes absolutely. Production industry, furniture industry, big companies with massive production and operation. Managing people, managing assembling line and production.

Aiming high then

Can you tell us what kind of person you are?

Easy going

Can you tell us anything about some of the pictures you have uploaded?

Pictures tell about my adventures, friends and family.

You said you are from Cebu in the Philippines. Can you tell us anything about life there?

Life in Cebu is very simple.

Does that mean its quite a poor place?

Yes in terms of money but not in resources.

How did you hear about uploadandwin?

From my gwapo brother-in-law.

I see. Are you refering to me?

Precisely haha.

Have you spent the winnings already and if so how did you spend it?

Bought jeans and useful tings for schools like pen papers.

Would you say winning the prize pot changed anything in your life?

Yes of course, just a small change.

Would you recommend/tell your friends about uploadandwin?

Yes, in fact been sharing the app verbally and in social site friends.

What problems/dangers do children face in your country?

Gamay nalang.

hunger, out of school youth, drug adiction, early pregnancy, rape many more.

Thank you for your answers and I wish you the best for your future.