Here is a list of common questions related to the use of this website.

1. How do I win the prize pot?
Uploadandwin.com has changed to a photographic competition. Each fortnight you want to try and win the competition make sure you upload at least one photograph. Uploading 100`s of pictures of the same item really won`t give you any chance so be inventive!

2. Why isn't the prize pot a whole number like 10 or 20 pounds?
Every picture that is uploaded with tags increases the prize pot. If for example there are 256 uploads with tags then the prize pot is worked out as 10 pounds + 2.56 pounds= 12.56 pounds. Everyone can help to increase the Prize!

3. What happens after the prize pot is won?
Simple! We run another competition for the next fortnight! The fun never ends.

4. How old do I have to be to use this website?
You can be any age to view as I try to ensure that everything that is uploaded is family friendly however to claim any rewards or jackpot you must be 16 years old or greater.

5. What type of pictures can I upload?
No nudity, no copyrighted image, no religious or racially aggresive pictures. I hold the right to delete anything that is unsuitable for this site. This website is not a place for expressing anger or hate, please do that elsewhere.

6. Can I upload images related to my business?
You can upload some images, however I reserve the right to ask for a nominal fee per picture that I will donate to charity. I do not allow gambling advertisements/pictures.

7. Can I upload pictures related to my organisation/charity?
You can upload pictures related to your organisation/charity, but at some point if you are getting large exposure I might request a nominal fee per picture to go towards charity.

8. I have seen some pictures on your website that are unsuitable. What can I do about it?
Each picture that you view has a button just to the top right that says "flag this content". Just click it and I will deal with the picture as I deem necessary.

9. You require an email address to register and login. How do I know it is safe to use here?
I don`t use a ssl encrypted site so if you are not happy putting your email or password into this website then sorry, but it isn`t for you. At some point in the future I might move the whole site to SSL but it isn`t currently viable. To be honest though, when have email addresses ever been private? I get spam everyday and just using it on a website puts you in no more danger from spam than already exists.

10. I have won the jackpot but I haven`t been contacted by you. What should I do?
As long as you have a valid email address listed then send me an email to jonathan @ jonsay.co.uk. I have been known to track people down on facebook when they don`t have access to their emails anymore. To date, there have been ZERO prize pots not claimed. If you did not use a valid email address or it is no longer valid then sorry but it is unlikely I will be able to verify who you are and the winnings will be donated to charity.

11. Are my pictures private?
No! The whole point of this website is that your pictures can be viewed by everyone. Your pictures help raise funds with every view. If you don`t want private photos etc... on this website, just don`t upload them!

12. How is the winner selected?
I look at every picture and decide on the best 10 pictures. I then ponder on the merits of each one until I decide which is my favourite for the particular competition. Sorry if you don`t like my decision but then again its my money I`m giving away....

13. Can I win the prize draw more than once?
You can win the prize draw more than once. Every fortnight a new picture is selected as the winner.