About Us

Hi, I`m Jonathan (Thats me on the right, out with the wife somewhere). I sort of own this website although own isn`t quite right. I came up with the concept, wrote the computer code and try as best I can to make it an interesting place on the net. I`m what you might call a tinkler. I tinkle with the website on a daily basis, adding stuff, changing stuff, taking stuff away. Being a geek I enjoy tinkling on a regular basis.

Being a dad to 2 kids who often join extracurricular activies such as gymnastics and gardening clubs I wanted to raise funds to help buy new equipment. Of course I could just give my own money, which I have several times, but being a geek I thought I would think of a website that could help raise those funds.

Behold, the bright new shiny website uploadandwin.com is born!

Er, yeah, whatever....

I`ve changed my focus on where to donate money since I first made this site and decided that it would be better to help fund children`s charities in countries where children have no opportunities, and no real childhood. Thats its really. Story told.
I don`t mind getting feedback, and if you have any queries please contact me in facebook My Facebook Page
You can also visit our facebook page Uploadandwin Facebook Page where I post updates such as the latest winners etc...