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Uploadandwin.com is a place where you can win cash from our weekly prize draw. How do you win? Well, thats the easy part. All you have to do is register and then upload some pictures to be entered into the draw. There is no cost to play! It will always be free. If you win you can be paid either through western union or paypal. We will never ask you to pay to claim your prize. Every week you wish to be part of the prize draw, just upload a few pictures.

Think of this site as a bit like Instagram but where you can actually win money!

If you would like to see previous winners just pop to this page Previous Winners
If you just want to look around, click on the Photos link in the navigation bar. There are over 54000 pictures on the site so there is lots to see.

You can find our facebook page here uploadandwin facebook page but please remember, only pictures uploaded to our website count as entry to the prize draw. We always post the winning user on our facebook page as soon as we can after the prize draw.

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